Does the Bride get to take the Polaroids away on the day?

The photos will be taken on the day but are printed after the party, you will receive the photos in the post about two weeks after the party. The Polaroids are sent in one of our beautiful gift packs, which includes a photo clothes line to hang the photos on as well as hand painted vintage style mini pegs to hang them with!

What kind of hair style would you get with the "Vintage hair styling"?

Our stylists are great and can offer a wide range of styles, they create a look designed to match outfits, styles, hair type etc, some people like to bring in photos of what they like, If it is something that is unable to be done as an express, for example a set which takes over an hour, our stylists can create a similar look which is just as glamorous 

What can I expect from the "express makeup"?

Express makeup involves, lips, eyes, cheeks, lashes and brows. Foundation, concealer and contouring can be added for an additional £10 per a person.

What happens if someone is not keen on false lashes?

we offer two types of lashes strip for a fuller look or individual clump lashes more natural great for anyone with sensitive eyes. Lashes do not have to be used at all if the client prefers.

Is there a time restriction? For example hair 15 min. And makeup 15 min.?

There is no time limit exactly as everyones hair takes a different  amount of time but roughly its 15-20 minutes for hair and the same for makeup. But we always make sure everyone is completely happy with there look.

How long do the parties last?

Most parties last 2-4 hours depend on the amount of activities you choose. 

We have people in our group who have specific dietary requirements is that ok?

We can provide Vegan and Gluten free options please just let us know when booking.

Do we need to bring anything to the craft party?

We provide all equipment and materials for your group, you only need to bring your beautiful self.